75% of telecoms operators globally are preparing to increase their investments in digital channels post-pandemic

Upstream, report by Technology Innovation Council (TIC)

What SELISE does for the Telecommunications Industry

Offer Superior Omnichannel Customer Experience

Transform your sales by automating online buying journeys. Start with creating your own product catalogues by offering various product bundlings, make changes and introduce promotions in any channel with a click, and manage your orders and subscriptions all through one centralized platform. Create a superior, consistent customer experience, offer B2C self-care options and create lasting customer loyalty.

Streamline UX with Enhanced Digital Presence

Telco offerings are complex, and we understand that. Which is why our partner portals are here to simplify your user journey: now, you can grow your channel sales by using our portal’s extensive CPQ capabilities, advanced pricing and promotions conditions, and automated quote-to-order conversion – all based on automated workflows – to get more B2B and B2C orders. Sell complex products anytime, anywhere, lowering the need for any manual intervention and reducing costs.

Work With Readymade Components

We offer a high-performance digital business support system (BSS) component library, complete with modular, readymade components for managing your various business functions, conducting sales, promotions, and offering customer support, that can be readily put together to power a telco ecosystem.

Connect Easily with Third-Party Service Providers

SELISE uses openAPIs in our solutions to connect to third-party OSS or BSS systems, which enables our platform to be used as a middleware while offering a simplified user experience. Using our APIs to integrate your portal with your backend systems, such as an ERP, can ensure the entire product lifecycle management is all completed through a single, central platform.

Customize Solutions At Granular Levels

Our one-stop wholesale portals can help you get quotes and place orders for virtually unlimited sites around the world. This means that you can make granular level customizations on a site level depending on your customer’s business need, and pick any combination that puts your customer first, expending minimum effort and cost.

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Configure, price, Quote. Accelerate your sales process while improving quote accuracy and customer relations. Determine a customer’s needs and provide them with custom quotes that best fit those specific needs. Use the discount manager to customize discounts on a single catalogue of products that contains bundle offerings, across different channels.

Order Management

Systemize order fulfillment processes and changes to subscriptions by designing workflows with drag-and-drop widgets and configure complex processes under a minute. Use our order tracking tool to track the progress of your orders, and re-configure your products after an order has been completed. Increase customer loyalty recommending product suggestions, automated renewals and easy self-care options – thus certifying recurring revenue!

Promotion Engine

Automate your marketing activities by creating a systematic approach to incentivizing customers. With an overview of running, planned and drafted promotions, you never have to lose track of which incentives worked to keep your customers satisfied, and which ones didn’t!

Channel & Workspace Manager

Manage separate workspaces for different channels and based on regions. You can also set different country-specific conditions for configuring your products or creating promotions.

Omnichannel Service Help Desk

Swiftly resolve issues by offering digital representatives online. We offer a omnichannel service help desk: offer end-customers B2C self-care options, or respond to tickets raised online and converse with them using our AI-assisted chat support. Reduce the number of customer iterations by 90% thanks to the collaboration and self-care functionality.

Fleet Management

Manage mobile devices and subscriptions for large organisations with the fleet management solution which doubles as a self-care service for end users.

Telco Infrastructure Rollout Management

A comprehensive system which digitizes multiple business processes of a telco infrastructure project, starting from contract signing to the commercial sales approach that is taken before and after the customer move-in period. Identify telco infrastructure projects, offer fiber and tv line solutions, and manage customers all on one platform.

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What our Clients Say

"With a complete data output returning a full range of available services and details, such as the corresponding SLA, IP subnet alternatives, different contract terms, SELISE API adds great value to our automation efforts and the services we deliver to customers in Switzerland,”
Thiago Caro
Head of Product Provider Platform of Globalinternet

What our Clients Say

"We met SELISE 2 years back and I had a vision for my business. SELISE understood my point of view and paved the way for the development of an online enterprise and mobility management solution. I am grateful to SELISE for delivering a promising product that has helped to automate my business."
PQ mobile

What our Clients Say

"It has been a pleasure to work with SELISE. They have brilliant engineers who could solve every problem/challenge. Furthermore, their customer service and committment were outstanding. Highly recommended!"
Sunrise UPC

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