SELISE integrates Autogrill’s order processes using self-order kiosks!

Autogrill is the world’s leading provider of food & beverage services for travelers. Headquartered in Italy, Autogrill operates 950 locations spread across 30 countries, managing about 3,800 points of sale and is present in 142 airports.

Autogrill-owned Foodland food court in Zurich Airport has seven outlets with separate ordering counters for each of them. Customers had to go through a time-consuming order process if they wanted to order different food items from different Concepts (outlets). To streamline the whole process for both customers and staff, Autogrill wanted to implement self-ordering terminals (SOTs), consolidating all the seven outlets. Also, Autogrill was using a traditional file management system to display their menus on the Concepts’ screens.

Partnering up with Autogrill Schweiz AG, SELISE developed the easy-to-use interface of the kiosk which is synced with the POS systems of all the Concepts enabling customers to order their preferred food items from the different Concepts and pay for them at once instead of ordering and paying in different counters. SELISE also developed a digital display solution which is used by Autogrill’s staff to manage and schedule the contents to be displayed at their convenience.

Our Live Projects

The Wholesale Portal

Aimed at the B2B business segment, the wholesale portal  which is an online ordering platform specifically tailored to meet the requirements of telco wholesale operators. The platform consists of the quote generator module capable of api integrations that results in improved and effective management of the customers and orders.

The Point 2.0 Portal

The Point 2 Portal is a comprehensive retail channel and indirect sales management solution to digitize, automate and streamline operations for UPC. Composed of the user management module, the custom dashboard module and a ticketing and support solution, the Point 2.0 portal automates the whole process with enhanced user experience.

Our Featured Micro-services

Content Management System (CMS)

Users can easily manage all the displays with aligned and directional content delivery.

Data Management Services

Different applications, features and platforms are connected to retrieve and manage data efficiently.

Notification Services

This module allows users to schedule and create customized notifications to manage the contents and the applications.

“During the last 24 months, you helped us to get closer to the dream of a Deltagroup management platform”
Linus Eberhard
Chief Operations Officer| DELTAgroup