In 2021, e-commerce accounted for an estimated 19.6% of retail sales worldwide


Food retailers and product suppliers are looking past the pandemic into the future of work. Businesses now need multi-sided approaches to address the quickening pace of the retail and gastro industries.

What SELISE does for Retail, Food & Gastro Industries

Automate End-to-End Retail Journey

Address Digital Disruption and Transformation in all aspects of the retail and gastro businesses with us (gartner). We help you automate every possible touchpoint in the retail customer journey and increase both efficiency and effectivity. Our solutions include self service kiosk configurations, menu item constellations, point of sales synchronizations, and even collaborative delivery platform integrations.

Reduce Manual Shortcomings

One of the many trends that followed since the pandemic is the need to address the need for manual labor with more automation. Companies continue to face increasing pressure in terms of labor availability and related costs. Digitizing more and more touchpoints with our solutions reduces the need for manual labor intervention, and ultimately contributes to the optimization of your operational costs.

Offer Omnichannel Shopping Experience and Beyond

The concept of omnichannel experiences have been much streamlined by multiple industries in the past. We help you perfect omnichannel thinking, and embrace multiexperience for enhanced levels of customer retention. Our solutions focus on customer interfaces that shift across different channels – webshops, mobile apps, kiosks – to provide engaging, personalized and ERP-centralized content while keeping a consistent brand image.

Expand Globally

Global expansion has become one of the hottest growth strategies explored by leading retailers. We understand that in every case, your data is instrumental in going global. We take a centralized approach when handling and stabilizing your data repositories. As you scale up, so does your data, so do your contacts and so does your technical ability to undertake further digitization initiatives.

Personalize Consumer Experience

By prioritizing multiexperience beyond omnichannel thinking, our solutions are able to cater to customers across all sorts of touchpoints and modalities. With this, we enable to understand your customers and their behaviour better, so that you may upsell based on each individual’s buying behaviour, expectations and perceptions.

Introduce Headless Commerce

In a multiexperience world, digital retail and commerce platforms are experiencing ongoing modularization. We help you transition from traditional monolithic systems to modern, diversified systems that are flexible, back-office friendly, and more manageable than ever before.

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Use Cases in Retail, Food & Gastro Industries

Self Service

Using our self-service solutions for your kiosks can reduce your need to spend more on manpower, and introduce an effective method for order and queue management. With our self-service solution, users can now complete their entire order – from choosing between different menus to paying for individual items – through one centralized platform, completely on their own!

Order Management

Use our robust order management system to track each and every order and ensure the best service to customers. Implement a single order inflow and outflow process for all of your channels. Learn your customers’ preferences, and use the data to suggest tailored products to increase customer retention.

Content Management

Use our content management system for creating and administering content through one central platform. Our CMS is synchronized with the backend, so you can easily retrieve customer information and add data to the menu based upon it. Deliver synchronized messages across channels – whether it is to announce the newest addition to the menu or to conduct a marketing campaign – to keep a consistent brand image.

Digital Display Manager

Promote your restaurants by using our Digital Display Manager. Our Digital Display Manager synchronizes with digital displays and kiosks to show media content, such as advertisements, slideshows and images of your food items.

Menu Configuration

Leverage our user-friendly back-office system to configure your menus into the system, as per your restaurant’s needs. In menu configuration, you can list categories of food items, and assign each item under these individual categories. You can also set prices, descriptions of the items, and the order in which each item will be displayed in the menu.


Our easy sign-in and sign-up process for self-service kiosks removes the need for any external technical assistance. You can easily set up and control your kiosks remotely by creating an account once and then signing in with your credentials.

Payment convenience

Without an integration to payment services, there is a gap in the automation of the whole digital customer journey. Hence, all our solutions come equipped with payment gateways, where users can easily check themselves out and fast-track their payment processes. Self-checkout and payment options also means less time spent on standing in queues, and more time on receiving more customer orders.

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“Where SELISE really sets themselves apart is that they think it through, not only the software bit, but the entire end-to-end process!”
Markus Feller
Head of Innovation & Transformation, SV Group

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