Our Solutions

Our industry solutions can be flexibly combined to meet a wide range of business needs. Here is just a selection of our solutions…

Digital Advisory Platform for Brokers and Financial Advisors, where you can use a single integrated user interface to offer different customer experience solutions. Manage an entire customer lifecycle with our complete suite of applications – offering with insurance policy management, digital signature, and an appointment booking engine.

With this platform, financial advisors collaborate in real-time and view a complete Portfolio Overview of their clients to analyze their needs, assess their financial targets, and identify suitable solutions accordingly.

As part of our suite, we have a custom Marketplace solution that enables collective insurance transactions by standardizing processes for brokers and insurers, through easy integration with existing broker portals, centralized access and user and management, and DXP services for automated data processing.

Grow your business by digitizing multi-concept food order processes: Equipped with a powerful CMS, a comprehensive end-2-end system, POS and back-office integration – highly flexible for your own ecosystem. Omnichannel ordering, delivery & pickup, payment solution – an all-in-one system for an intuitive, fast & efficient customer experience journey.

Maintaining compliance for industry certifications of large scale production processes and infrastructure can prove to be challenging. Our auditing and certification platform facilitates audits in order to harmonize standards and assure quality control. We aid organizations by navigating through complex regulations and operational procedures to provide a digital process tailored to the business domain.

Contribute to shorter lead time, lesser interactions with customers and a higher win rate with our Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) Engine for your telecom platform. Our readymade, modular telcosuite library complements your approval and authorization workflows with in-built product configurators, pricing and promotions engines, quote and offer generators, and collaborative and self-care support functions.