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What SELISE does for Mobility, Engineering & Logistics

Digitize Complex Workflows

We boast a highly capable team of analysts and engineers who are dedicated to understand your day-to-day activities and their complications and shape them into intuitive, user-friendly digital solutions. No matter which industry you operate in – construction, auditing and inspections, engineering, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing or retail – we have you covered.

Enhance Data Exchange

We live in a time where fast exchange of data from the source to the analyst is crucial. Which is why we leverage the mobility of handheld devices and their ability to capture, scan and display media for your software solutions. Our solutions will not fail you in remote locations and areas without internet service coverage – our mobile applications can run offline and seamlessly synchronize data back and forth.

Drive Collaboration & Transparency

We build our applications with all relevant stakeholders in mind. We design our solutions so that stakeholders can access pertient information on-the-go by scanning QR codes or barcodes on their mobile devices and reach the desired data instantly.

Maintain third-party Integrations

We understand the need for utilizing existing services in your processes with our applications. We are just as comfortable in using latest principles like REST, as we are in using legacy protocols like SOAP. Furthermore, we offer secure transfer of data from our solutions to yours, for instance to display on your website or to another application for further processing.

Develop "Smart" Questionnaires

We offer services for developing “smart” questionnaires to be used in various settings. Our solution delivers a sublime experience whether you are making a simple quiz or you are building a complex questionnaire that compels end-users to take an action. Besides that, we enable you to draft, activate and archive questionnaires according to your needs.

Create Reports

In the modern era, clarity of information is key as is its succinctness. As such, we offer services to develop interactive dashboards and printable reports that are fully tailored to your specifications. We build straightforward dashboards for the generic users as well as complex ones for the ones who love playing with data. Our offering also includes generating reports and large scale floorplans in a format of your choosing.

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Use Cases in Mobility, Engineering & Logistics Industries

Construction Management

We plan and operate construction projects by collaborating with other stakeholders on tasks, and assigning various goals and dependencies on our interactive floorplan visualizer. On the operations side, it is possible to configure almost anything – construction site layout, availability of equipment and logistic zones, dependencies between equipment and zones or between zones themselves.

Logistics Operations

By capturing material information and geo-locational data we enable various businesses to receive their materials in time. This concept is in place and utilized by construction companies and manfacturing companies for non-perishable raw materials and volatile chemicals. This concept can easily be translated to retail industry or businesses dealing with perishable goods.

Compliance and Safety Inspections

Our “smart” questionnaire tool allows businesses to create compliance and safety inspection checklists with ease. We have partnered with various businesses in the engineering industry and several certification bodies to provide our tool to detect, monitor and minimize non-compliances and safety violations.

Infrastructure Inspections

Condition inspections of real-estate can be carried out with the help of our solutions. Inspections for real-estate, energy efficiency, air-quality and fire hazards can be conducted. Currently, engineering consultants and roads and railway companies make use of our capabilities.

Capability Assessments

Assessment of administrative personnel can be executed to find out training requirements and indentify inadequacies in a process. Our solutions are currently implemented by certification bodies and various healthcare providers to this effect. Interestingly, scheduling and planning of these assessments are done by customizing the concept for construction management to a minor extent.

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“SELISE convinced us with their experience with complex cloud applications, their prompt implementation, their innovative team and their fair price-performance ratio.”
Michael John
President of IG B2B

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