Life at SELISE

At SELISE, we strive to ensure that each and every member of our teams can reach their full potential. We are enablers, not enforcers. We are courageous and try things out. Always learning. Even though we already have years of experience, we still keep our start-up mentality in our hearts.

As a team, we face challenges together: We are ONE TEAM with more than 400+ experts, designers, analysts, consultants, developers, system engineers, communicators, marketers and partners challenging the status quo of digital solutions. A powerful source of know-how. 

It is our curiosity, our spirit and ambition that drives us to always find the right solution. Our energetic and dynamic attitude allows us to continuously produce value at the forefront of an ever changing technology landscape. With a get-things-done attitude.

Team Insights

Meet Jeanine

Jeanine Grübel

Customer Success Manager

My role at SELISE

As Customer Success Manager, I am responsible for understanding our customers and accompanying them to transform their business processes. I am working together with many people across our organization and together in our team we co-create to find the right software solution. In doing so, we create added value for our customers and companies. My goal is to help clients succeed. Because when they succeed, SELISE succeeds as well.

A typical day at SELISE

In our diverse teams with software engineers, designers, analysts and more we look at things from different angles. And honestly, no day is like the other. It is exciting to see how fast things are changing. Managing projects and finding new approaches if the planned ways didn’t work, evaluating customers change requests with the team, attending pitches to persuade new customers that SELISE is the best tech partner, preparing workshops with the team, receiving a smiling face after clients have seen a sneak peak of their upcoming application or platform.This part of my daily work.

What impresses me most? The amazing team we are, and the teamwork we have every day. How fast we develop many cool applications & platforms. All are welcome to bring in new ideas and how much you learn every day from every project. Everybody gets the feeling that he or she is a very important part in the company.

Meet Nehrin

Nehrin Radeyha Rafique

Business Consultant

My role at SELISE

As a Business Consultant, I am responsible for understanding the customers’ businesses inside and out. Much of my job is all about listening to them, understanding pain points in different business processes and suggesting solutions to mitigate these issues. I spend a lot of my time visualizing business concepts, how to improve them, and then presenting them to customers as well as our team members within SELISE. Through my job, I really get to appreciate the fact that every business is different, every client is different, and so every day working with them is not only different but also immensely invigorating.

A typical day at SELISE

A typical day at SELISE for me is about working a lot with concept visualizations and presentations – and yes, this means Slides. But more importantly, a typical day at SELISE for a Consultant is all about meeting and conversing with team members from various departments. Before suggesting solutions to customers, consultants at SELISE take time to understand their own bandwidth and capabilities, so that any solution we suggest is feasible not only for the customer, but also for SELISE. This also gives us a thorough understanding of our own strengths and weaknesses.

What impresses me most? The fact that there is always room for making mistakes and learning from them. As a team, we are incredibly resilient, and through thick and thin, we somehow always have each other’s backs.