79% of insurance companies uncovered weaknesses in their company’s digital capabilities and transformation plans during the pandemic

Deloitte’s Center for Financial Services

95% of insurance companies are already accelerating or looking to speed up digital transformation to maintain resilience

Deloitte’s Center for Financial Services

What SELISE does for Insurance & Financial Advisory

Create and Integrate Open Ecosystems

Under a digital ecosystem, we have created and integrated with broker solutions connecting multiple stakeholders to promote exchanges between market participants, bring more uniformity and efficiency to the industry’s processes, and exploit synergies within the industries.

Simplify User Experience

We offer simplified customer experiences through a mixture of designing superior UX and UI. We implement direct feedback from the customers in an iterative manner through rapid prototyping to create an ideal system that operates within the strict regulatory confinements of the insurance and financial service sectors.

Agile Management of Variable Scope

We identify as a medium enterprise that uses a combination of offshoring and nearshoring practices, which allows us to deploy resources in a flexible manner. This also means that we are able to operate within a fixed budget with a variable, flexible scope using agile methodology.

Develop Rapidly with Enterprise Scalability

We have a set of fast-to-market, reusable, ready-made microservices which can be tailored to specific needs of the customers and integrated within the solution quickly. The technology backing these microservices are always up to date and best of breed, which ensures easy maintenance and scalability.

Work with Leading Industry Experts

SELISE employs a team of senior insurance and financial service experts with previous long-term working experience with leading insurance and finance companies. SELISE’s experts have experience managing innovation activities from ideation to implementation and setting up business units with budget responsibility.

Our Clients

Use Cases in Financial Advisory

Real-time Collaboration

Create, manage and digitally sign contracts using our Financial Life Planner (FiLiP) application, a single unified platform to fulfill your different financial needs. Communicate with your financial advisors in a semi-automatic, yet privacy aware way to gain understanding of the contracts. Maintain your client’s data and operate in a simplified and collaborative environment.

Access Anywhere, Any time

Use our mobile app to access your contract management, portfolio overview and e-signature options with just a swipe. Communicate with your financial advisor in the fastest and most hassle-free way possible anywhere, any time.

Real Estate Evaluation

Evaluate your properties by using the real estate feature on our FiLiP application. Find out everything you need on the property you want to purchase or analyze the status of the property you want to put on sale in the real estate market.

Portfolio Overview

Get a detailed overview of all your investments using FiLiP, which includes – but is not limited to – typical distributions of investments by categories and balance trend charts.

Integrate Third-Party Solutions

Replicate your existing advisory logic by integrating with disruptive third-party solution providers such as the PSD2 aggregators, real estate data providers, and AI providers.

Use Cases in Insurance

Digital Product Journey Factory

Digitize the product journey of special lines with us. We can support your end-to-end transformation journey to make you future-proof. Now your companies can digitize their customer onboarding, application, certification, approval, and verification all through a single platform. Generate legally-binding documents, such as a Guarantee Certificate, and have them auto-approved and verified.

Partner Collaboration Tool

Use our partner portal to manage your partner portfolios with added benefits of dashboard analytics on the performance and Profit/Loss accounting of contracts within a shared network. Relationship managers and actuaries can access the portal to facilitate use cases for partners, while customers can use a separate customer portal to collaborate on contract management.

E-booking Services for Seamless Customer Journeys

Our highly scalable online service booking portal is integrated with eight software partners through OpenAPI, making it an aggregator of service providers. Now end customers can login through a central SSO login of the insurance provider and book different categories of services, such as that of a licensed therapist, a car repair or a claim settlement. Increase customer touchpoints and create a superior, seamless user journey.

Risk Coverage Management

Get your simulation results approved automatically in a minute using our Pooling Simulation Calculator. Our Calculator uses proprietary conditional calculation engine, validation mechanism and intuitive graphical interface for writing formulas to simulate results.

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What our Clients Say

“SELISE convinced us with their experience with complex cloud applications, their prompt implementation, their innovative team and their fair price-performance ratio.”
Michael John
President of IG B2B

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